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21st June 2018 Foodies

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 List is now out!

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But you heard it HERE first!

Our amazing foodie community had actually been recommending quite a few of those top restaurants on the app… and for a long time!
And we have some absolute winners: Lydia and Fabricio. They’ve spotted multiple times the world’s top restaurants before anyone else!

So if you want to discover the world’s best places…


Follow these users and check out how they recommend some of the World’s Best Restaurants:


  • Lydia (@Lydia) and Theo (@theoosbourne): Septime in Paris, France
  • Jasmine (@JasmineFisher), Lydia (@Lydia), Celine (@Céline_): The Ledbury in London, the UK
  • Fabricio (@Fabricio), Victoria (@Toti): Central Restaurante in Lima, Peru
  • Fabricio (@Fabricio): Maido in Lima, Peru
  • Lydia (@Lydia): Arpege in Paris, France
  • Maria Arellano (@violettecassis): Quintonil in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Lydia (@Lydia): White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia
  • Fabricio (@Fabricio) and Marisa (@marisa): Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan
  • Marisa (@marisa), Dalal (@Dal), Lydia (@Lydia), Jasmine (@JasmineFisher): Cosme in New York, USA
  • Fabricio (@Fabricio): D.O.M in Sao Paulo, Brazil

White Rabbit in Moscow, Russia


“Fine dining and a flash scene, this restaurant is fun and the food is good.”

Central Restaurante in Lima, Peru


“It’s nearly impossible to get a booking, but persist because it is totally worth it! Ranked top 4 in the world and absolutely deserves the rating. Do not eat anything before you go… the tasting menu is plentiful enough!”

Quintonil in Mexico City, Mexico


“Quintonil is one of the most famous restaurants for contemporary Mexican cuisine, and for good reasons. The ingredients are always fresh, the food is delicious and the place is not pretentious. The piglet tacos (tacos de lechón) are a must!!”

Cosme in New York, USA


“Delicious Mexican restaurant with family style sharing dishes. The food is super original and surprising and the ambiance is great. In the World’s 50 best I believe!”

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