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4th September 2018 Foodies

Meet Isabella,

Our Yogi with a Sweet Tooth

@TravelingYogi is Live2Leave’s yogi in chief. Follow her on the app to access all her beautiful recommendations in over 35 countries!

Check out all the delicious spots Isabella recommends in London , where she lives. She will inspire you with all her healthy foodie posts but even more with all the desserts and ice creams she describes oh-so-yummy-well.


“Desserts for me bring a delicious meal full-circle, and is often a way to experience the culinary delights that every country has to offer!” – Isabella

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Pomze cake Paris Live2Leave

Pomze in Paris, France


“Great restaurant in the centre of Paris. The menu focuses its dishes on the humble Apple! 🍎 The cider is also fantastic on a hot day!”

Soft Serve Society London UK Live2Leave

Soft Serve Society in London, UK


“Finally got to try this amazing place in Box Park, Shoreditch. Order a unique flavour of soft serve ice cream and add as many different toppings as you like! I had the activated charcoal coconut with a charcoal cone – delicious! 🍦 you can try other flavours like matcha, taro or traditional vanilla.”

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers Berlin Germany

Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers in Berlin, Germany


“Delicious banana bread!”

FG restaurant in Rotterdam, Netherlands


“1 Michelin star – fantastic and inventive food!”

Maison Seguin in Bordeaux, France

“Delicious bakery! You must try ‘Le puits d’amour’ – a traditional dessert from Bordeaux. Light choux pastry filled with cream with an orange blossom infusion!”

Savoy Cabbage Restaurant Cape Town Live2Leave

Savoy Cabbage Restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa

“Great option for dinner with friends in Cape Town. Tasty food, great service and quality products. I had the sirloin for main which was delicious, and the honey roasted peaches for dessert (featured here) 😋😋😋”

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