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16 Restaurants in Paris, by Parisians

7th June 2018 Destinations

The Capital of Love & fashion is famous for its rude waiters and busy restaurants. But for the the first time, you may visit Paris like a real connoisseur and not like one of the thousands of other tourists. Our Parisian community and food experts tell us where they go for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. All you’ve got left to do is to pick an outfit and blend in incognito…

Food Recommendations From The Community Only

– Breakfast à la française –

Le Boulanger des Invalides in the 7th arrondissement


“If you ever are in Paris, here’s my favourite breakfast spot. The best croissants I’ve tasted, which you can either have inside or outside on the terrace, enjoying the sun.”

Les P'tites Indécises Live2Leave

Les P'tites Indécises in the 11th arrondissement


“Delicious little café for a quick breakfast!”

– Weekdays are for lunch –

Le Petit Varenne

Le Petit Varenne in the 6th arrondissement


“The best terrace of the 7th district! Open all day long for lunch, afternoon coffee, after-work drinks and dinner. Friendly service and amazing bistrot food. Menu changing every week, everything is always fresh and perfectly executed. Hidden gem!”

UsedBook cafe Live2Leave

Merci in the 3rd arrondissement


“UsedBook cafe at Merci is ideal for a lovely lunch. Then you can go shopping in the store 👌🏻”

Loulou Live2Leave

Loulou in the 1st arrondissement


“Only in Paris can you have a delicious lunch in the middle of the Louvre gardens… couldn’t recommend it more!”

Chez Janou Live2Leave

Chez Janou in the 3rd arrondissement


“If you’re in Paris you MUST stop by Chez Janou for lunch. It’s nestled in the cutest corner of Le Marais, with a great local vibe and the food is superb. Daily menu varies each day but they are famous for their chocolate mousse (I forgot to take a picture 🙈), which is worth the wait!”

– Dine Like a French –

Pink Mamma

Pink Mamma in the 9th arrondissement


“No bookings. Only way to get to eat here without waiting 2 hours outside is to drop by around 6.30pm and book a table for later in the night.
The place is beautifully decorated and the food is good.”

Alcazar Live2Leave

Alcazar in the 6th arrondissement


“Gorgeous lively restaurant in the 6th district in Paris.”

Pottoka Live2Leave

Pottoka in the 7th arrondissement


“Yummy gourmet food in the 7eme arrondissement in Paris. Warm atmosphere and local french food.”

Il Carpaccio paris Live2Leave

Il Carpaccio in the 8th arrondissement


“In a mood of something Italien and fancy? Go to Il Carpaccio. The food is good and beautiful to see… the decoration is so summery!”

– Brunch On Weekends –

Ma Biche Paris

Ma Biche in the 18th arrondissement


“If you are looking for a different brunch in Montmartre, go to Ma Biche. You will enjoy an home-made cuisine as your grand-mother could do but twisted as we like.”

Klay Saint Sauveur

Klay Saint Sauveur in the 2nd arrondissement


“Trendy brunch location in Paris – buffet concept (their lime cheesecake is delicious) – cool green house at the back as well.”

– Or have a burger –

Ralph Lauren live2Leave

Ralph Lauren in the 6th arrondissement


“One of the most charming restaurants in Saint Germain des prés – and best burgers 🍔”

Bistrot le H

Bistrot le H in the 17th arrondissement


“Not only is this restaurant owned by some friends but it also serves the best burgers I have ever had! Very cosy and intimate, you can taste the most original burgers of all time.”

– The Traditionnal Petit Café –

Le Pavillon de la Reine

Le Pavillon de la Reine - Place des Vosges in the 3rd arrondissement


“This little hidden gem behind place des Vosges is a great spot to grab an outdoors coffee.”

Coutume Café Live2Leave

Coutume Café in the 7th arrondissement


“Great coffee shop, delicious coffee and yummy food. Rue de Babylone, in the 7th.”

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