"Travelling has been part of my lifestyle since I was a baby"

22nd December 2017 Traveller of the week

Name: Daphnée Denis (@nadephe)
Number of Countries on her profile: 11
Number of recommendations: 278
Follow her to: Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay
Particularities: Daphnée is the editor in chief of Loopsider, a French media startup. She previously lived in South America where she worked for AFP and El Pais. She is one of Live2leave’s first users.

Tell us a few things about you

“I just moved from Mexico City to Paris, I’m a journalist and I have recently become the editor in chief of a French media startup called Loopsider.”

When did you catch the travel bug?

“As a child! My father is French and my mother was Colombian, they moved to Spain when I was a baby and traveling has been part of my lifestyle ever since.”

When travelling, what are the top 3 things in your suitcase that you never leave home without?

“A book (or 3!), a copy of the New Yorker, my camera ;)”

Los Angeles or La Havana?

“Havana anytime! The music, the people, the beauty of Cuba very much won me over on my first trip there and I would love to go back.”

If you had a year to travel the world, where would you start?

“I’ve never been to Japan, and I really want to. Plus, I don’t know Asia very well, so I think Japan would be a fabulous starting point.”

What is the best meal you’ve had while on holiday that you’ll never forget?

“Oh god, that’s a tough one. I remember an amazing ceviche at El Mercado in Peru. That was really something.”

What was your biggest travel fail? 

“My biggest travel fail was probably booking a tourist day trip to Uruguay while on holiday in Argentina. It was a rip off, we were three friends and thought we’d get to ride horses but ended up having to share a horse between the three of us (!) Later, I didn’t wake up for my Argentina-Paris flight, so the trip was one long fail (but a LOT of fun).”


Estacionamiento Mercado de Flores - Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico


“Buy all the plants you need at the Mercado de Flores near the canals of xochimilco. Absolutely amazing and very good deals to be made.”

Casazinc - La Barra, Uruguay


“Casa Zinc is a fabulous boutique hotel in La Barra.”


And about your biggest travel WOW?

“My biggest travel wow, I think, would be Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I still remember the first time I saw the city, the mountains, the sea.. I was lovestruck, really. Still am.”

What do you use Live2Leave for?

“I use it to remember places I like in a city and to check recommendations, mainly for restaurants and hotels. Plus, I love a bit of wanderlust.”

Did you already follow a Live2Leave recommendation? If so, was it a positive experience?

“Yes, I have been to many restaurants recommended on the app, and I’ve always been lucky. Aprazivel in Rio de Janeiro was an amazing recommendation (and now on my own list).”

What has been your favourite souvenir (gift) that you’ve brought home with you after a trip?

“A penguin-shaped jug from Argentina.”

Have you travelled alone? If so what’s the best thing about it?

“I have, and I loved having the time to write about my trip. I also loved meeting new people and being out of my comfort zone.”

In your view, what are some of the undiscovered/under talked about places that people should visit?

“I’ve just returned from Mexico, and I’m amazed at how many people still don’t realize that Mexico City is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Do not miss it.”

How do you plan your trips? Months in advance or last minute?

“I’m a last minute kind of person”

What is your favourite travel literature?

“I like reading authors from the country where I am, but I don’t always follow that rule. Aside from that, I’m a big fan of magazines with a focus on travel, I worked for Monocle magazine for a while and still enjoy their recommendations. Conde Nast traveler is fun too, and so is the Mexican magazine Gatopardo.”

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