Introducing our Super-Turtles

17th September 2018 Adventurers

The travellers inspiring us every day

Dear Turtles,

If you were paying attention – which surely you were – you must have noticed something a bit different about your main feed these days… 

Among the beautiful recommendations of your Live2Leave community, you are now seeing some super cool recommendations from travellers you weren’t following before. These travellers are all Live2Leave Super Turtles.

Yes, that’s kinda like a superpower.  Let us tell you why.

Together, our Live2Leave Super-Turtles 

have created …

…and covered

You too can become a Super Turtle!

To do so you just need to recommend on the app more than 40 of your favourite spots around the globe, so that together with the rest of these seasoned travellers you can contribute to make the experience of the Live2Leave’s community around the World a little bit richer, a little bit friendlier, one recommendation at a time. 

Meet some of Live2Leave’s Super Turtles:


With a mind blogging total of 817 recommendations Céline has been to more places than we knew existed! She is an expert on Israel, Switzerland and Portugal.


Coming to a total of  501, Lydia’s recommendations are simply the best when it comes to food and beautiful hotels around the World, especially in Greece

With a total of 334 recommendations
meet our Latin America expert and Super(duper) Turtle Daphnée.

With 29 countries visited, our Super-Turtle Marisa will take you on a stunning trip from Tanzania to Chile with a quick stop in Vietnam.


With  43 countries visited, our Super Turtle Jana has the best tips when it comes to Eastern Europe and Australia!


With 36 countries and counting, Isabella’s profile is the place to go if you have a sweet tooth and only want the best food tips


With 20 countries covered on the app, Emanuele is our Italy Super-Turtle. No one has better tips than this Olbia-native when it comes to Sardinia


This US-based Super Turtle has not only travelled to all the corners of North America and Canadashe’s also recommended her favourite local bars and restaurants along the way! 


Our Lebanese expert Dalal is not only the dream guide to Beirut, she’s also travelled to 27 of the coolest countries on earth.


Our Uruguayan super turtle has been travelling the world non-stop in the past year. Follower her to Myanmar and Indonesia, and 22 other beautiful countries!

Article by Léa