Live2Leave's mission and some big news....

24th April 2018

To make the unknown a little more friendly.

It’s been a year since our travel app Live2Leave landed in the world of iPhones and Androids. One year of ups and downs and one year of listening to you, our dear turtles, to find out what you loved about our app, what you didn’t like so much and, most importantly, how we could improve.

There’s so much to be said about this year and what we learned, and we will tell you all about it in a later blog post. But something that hasn’t changed one bit and continues to drive us every step of the way is our mission:

To make the unknown a little more friendly

And today, we would like to remind you what our dreams are made of and why we are tirelessly building Live2Leave.


We believe that travel is far more than a holiday, it’s a way of life. We believe that each experience outside of your comfort zone has the power to transform you, open your mind and broaden your perspectives, something that we consider more important than ever in our increasingly globalised world.

We also believe that stepping into the unknown takes courage and that while curiosity powers discovery, one might need a little help to go down new paths and sleep under unfamiliar stars. And that little help is called a trusted recommendation.

This is why we created Live2Leave: to inspire people to live life-changing experiences all around the world, in total trust.


And it’s because of this mission, aka obsession, and all your feedback that we’ve worked incredibly hard to make your Live2Leave experience better than ever. And this is the result:

We are re-launching your beloved app and website on April 26th!

What to expect: a beautiful new app design with some new features that you ALL asked for, and a magical website full of inspirational travel tips, pictures, stories and itineraries…

Here’s a sneak peek of the app:


Thank you dear turtles, it’s because of all your beautiful and inspiring recommendations that little by little, we’re making the unknown a little more friendly.


And by the way, do you remember why we call you turtles? 🐢🌍

Travelling thousands of miles across oceans every year, turtles represent the ultimate traveller. With their homes on their backs, the world isn’t a scary place for turtles. They embody Live2Leave’s vision and lifestyle, and now you do too!

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