Live2Leave takes over EasyJet!

1st August 2018

In an exclusive interview on the Easyjet inflight magazine

Dear Turtles,

Last month our dear founders Celeste & Lea have been interviewed by the EasyJet Media team to talk about Live2Leave in the EasyJet inflight magazine!

For the whole month of August, in “The Business” section, passengers of the famous airline (4 million of them every month!) can read about our travel app and its inspirational founders.

The vision behind Live2leave, the mistakes they’ve made so far, what it is to be a female founder in tech, how they met and how they both on-boarded the same dream…so many questions they discuss openly, with a refreshing humility!

So for those who plan to travel with EasyJet this summer, hurry to page 128!

Meet Celeste & Lea,

the Live2Leave co-founders


You can follow both founders on the app to access their incredible recommendations.

They both feature tips over 26 countries on the app and their Live2Leave handles are @Céleste and @Lea

Inspiringly yours,

Your Turtle team

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