Let's go on a bike ride!

24th May 2018 Adventurers
We all know someone for whom cycling is a religion and the Tour de France an endless topic of conversation,
and for whom wearing THAT helmet, 90s sunglasses and very tight lycra onesie doesn’t seem to be an issue…
There’s also the I-like-to-cycle-like-a-maniac-in-my-biannual-spinning-class-and-feel-like-I’ve-done-sports-for-the-next-3-months cyclist,
and of course the chilled-holiday-bike-ride-with-a glass-of wine-at-the-end-and-maybe-en route-too person…
Don’t worry, no matter what rocks your bike (pun intended), we’ve got you covered.
Our Live2Leave community shared some of their cycling adventures in Europe, the US, Cuba, Japan and even Myanmar, and it looks like one hell of a ride!

– The Americas –

Washington United States Live2Leave

A two-wheeled cultural visit in Washington, United States

“Rent a bike and do the tour of National Mall, passing in front of the White House, the Lincoln memorial and Congress.”
Cuban beach Playa Acon Cuba 

Bike to your favourite Cuban beach at Playa Acon, Cuba 

“Playa Ancon is the nicest beach near Trinidad – about a ten minute drive. You can also bike to the beach, it’s a very pretty route and mostly downhill.”
Represa do Jaguari in São Paulo Brazil  Live2Leave

When the bike ride becomes the destination at Represa do Jaguari in São Paulo, Brazil 

“Just trying to put my local highlights on the map. But if you ever happen to be in this area, it is a great bike destination.”

– Europe –

Copenhagen Denmark Live2Leave

Bike round the city in Copenhagen, Denmark

 “Go for a stroll/bike ride around the Copenhagen city center, check out the canals and the colourful houses.”
Magere Brug Amsterdam Netherlands

Bikes & Boats on the Magere Brug in Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Lovers’ bridge-biking through Amsterdam’s canals.”
La Baule France Live2Leave

A Sunday ride in La Baule, France

 “Sunday bike ride on the waterfront in La Baule.”

– Asia –

Hokkaido Japan Live2Leave

An untouched Japanese Island in Hokkaido, Japan 

“Here’s my best friend, my bike 🙂 Japan isn’t the easiest country to travel by bicycle – there are only few cycle lanes and traffic can be pretty intense. But one area that’s beautiful to cycle through is the island of Hokkaido. There is very little traffic and pristine nature to explore!”
Bali Indonesia Live2Leave

Electric bikes are ok too... in Bali, Indonesia 

 “A must do in Bali! An electric bike tour around Ubud => pedal as much as you want/don’t want and discover beautiful temples, villages, rice fields, volcano landscapes etc. Staff is incredibly nice and professional, a great moment!”
Old Bagan Myanmar Live2Leave 

Cycle through secret landscapes in Old Bagan, Myanmar  

 “Right in the heart of Old Bagan on the Irrawaddy river with ancient temples on the actual hotel grounds. Amazing view and location. You can conveniently rent bikes. Nice pool.”

– Australia –

Melbourne Australia Live2Leave

Taking a sunny Aussie ride in Melbourne, Australia

“Not many recommendations here for Melbourne so here is one: get a bike and cycle from St Kilda beach to the Brighton beach (and beyond if you like) to see the beach houses and enjoy a lovely ride on cycling paths. And of course have a swim!”

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