Introducing Foodie Friday!

23rd March 2018 Foodies

Dear Foodie Friday Turtlistas,

It’s the weekend! And why do we know that? Because it’s Friday, duh.
So, realistically, you have Two options:

  1. You’ve had an incredibly efficient week and you want to celebrate with a delicious meal

  2. You’ve had an incredibly inefficient week and you want to forget with a delicious meal

In both cases, and in life in general, we believe that food is the answer. And wine. And then food again. and then more wine… ok, we think you got the gist 😉

Enjoy and happy Foodie Friday!

Inspiringly yours,

Your Turtle team

ps: If you enjoyed those incredible restaurants, let us know by recommending them to your friends on the app!

The Spotted Pig in New York, United States


“Need I say more? Best burger I’ve had in forever, with yummy Roquefort on top. This place has a relaxed & intimate atmosphere, really love the vibe. Fries were the perfect size but a bit too salty. No reservation, be prepared to queue on the weekend. “

De Santis Panini Milano in Milano, Italy


“Delicious sandwiches in a tiny little cafe in the heart of Milan. Stop here for a quick lunch. The “Giorgia” is delicious! “

Deliciously Ella in London, United Kingdom


“Healthy coffee and breakfast spot next to Bond Street tube station.”

Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan


“Les Créations de Narisawa. Amazing Japanese fusion restaurant. Great place to see the range of Japanese cuisine beyond sushi. Spring menu is full of cherry blossoms 🌸🌸🌸 “

L'Epigramme in Paris, France


“This place is a rare gem. Near odeon, hidden in a tiny alley, l’Epigramme combines fine, delicious cuisine , reasonable prices and very friendly staff. I highly recommend you try for dinner.”

Gaspar Food & Mood - Athens, Greece


“Nice place for a relaxed meal or drink. North of the center of Athens! “

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