Incredible India

22nd November 2018

Open your eyes, take in the magic

Namaste Turtles!

(we are told the correct pronunciation is “nuhm-uh-stay”)

When thinking of “full package” destinations, not many countries come close to India. From the incredible palaces and mythical mountains of the North to the green hills and white sand beaches of the South, the land of the Maharajas is, simply put, a land of wonders. And while one trip will certainly not be enough to take it all in, our super-users make sure you know exactly where to be, and when.

So sharpen your senses turtles, and enjoy the magical journey!

Mumbai for the Ganesh Festival

Mumbai for the Ganesh Festival


“Ganesh festival in Mumbai, usually taking place in September do not miss it if around at the right date!”

Taj Mahal Palace hotel - Mumbai


“Mumbai is a vibrant and huge city with lots lots and lots of people. But it also has unique bazaars and markets, grand colonial buildings (Taj Mahal Palace hotel on the picture), big slums, temples, a prolific film industry, restaurants, a nightlife…”

Varanasi for Dev-Diwali

Dev-Diwali- Varanasi


Experience Dev-Diwali once in your lifetime at Varanasi (Banaras)”

New Broadway Hotel - Varanasi


“The hotel has just been redone (end 2017) it is just out the old part of the city, very convenient to walk to to the nearby Ghats before dawn.”

Jodhpur for Holi

Holi Festival - Jodhpur


“Holi! Holi is one of the most fun, colourful, and outrageous festivals! You have to visit Northern India during Holi to celebrate the Hindu festival of colour. Enjoy dancing, getting covered in coloured powder, and drinking traditional bhang lassi! Just expect to need a couple of showers after…

Mehrangarh Fort - Jodhpur


“For me, the most beautiful Fort of Rajasthan. Located in Jodhpur, the fort is as beautiful inside as it is outside. A must!”

New Delhi & Agra … anytime

Taj Mahal - Agra


“Despite the crowds that this iconic place attracts, I stayed in awe in front of this building and watched it slowly change colour as the sun went down. Breathtaking!”

Qutub Minar - Delhi


“One of the most famous landmarks in Delhi, but 100% worth the visit. The views are astounding as you stroll amongst old ruins with the Minaret watching over you. The detail on the buildings is beautiful, as are the surrounding gardens and creatures (they have chipmunks!)

Article by Léa