"It’s such an opportunity to explore your freedom when you travel"

23rd November 2017 Traveller of the week

Name: Isabella Gerber (@TravelingYogi)
Number of Countries covered: 32
Number of recommendations: 362
Follow her to: Prague, San Petersburg, London, New York
Particularities: On top of being a super traveller who has been to all corners of the globe, including Afghanistan, Fiji and Malaysia, Isabella is an avid practitioner of yoga and is always up for a retreat somewhere exotic!


Where do you currently live?

“I live in London, and have been studying and working here over the past 10 years! London has now become my home.”

When did you catch the travel bug?

“Almost 10 years ago! Having studied languages at university, I took a year abroad that brought me to Damascus in Syria. Being a student at the time I made the most of the holidays to explore neighbouring countries. The Middle East is a feast for the senses, whether its culture, food, history that you’re looking for, this region has the most incredible places to explore.”

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt about yourself while traveling ?

“I think it’s such an opportunity to explore your freedom when you travel – who are the people you can meet? What new things can you try? I love coming home after a long trip and reflecting over what I’ve learned about a country, its culture and its people.”

Complete this sentence: “I travel to …”

“EAT! I love food and there is no better way to discover new culinary styles than when you travel. The Live2Leave app is full of incredible recommendations, when I’m on holiday or even when I’m planning a meal with friends for the weekend in London, it always has the answer for something new and tasty.”

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

“It’s got to be Italy. More specifically, the Dolomite region of Friuli Venezia Giulia where my mother comes from. This region was named a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its stunning mountain range which has something for everyone, no matter the season. Whether you enjoy climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or simply enjoying the fresh air, this is always on my list few times a year.”


Pure - Covent Garden, London, UK


“Delicious protein-packed lunch at Pure. Organic food, perfect for that post-yoga workout!”

Tropicana Beach, Liberia


“Gorgeous beach outside Tropicana, only a 30-minute drive from Monrovia!”

What destinations are currently on your bucket list?

“I’ve never been to South America, but the recommendations on the app make me dream of strolling on the white sand beaches in Brazil. I’d also like to explore the Adriatic coastline in Montenegro during the summer, as well as Istanbul in Turkey!”

Tell us about your biggest travel fail ?

“This has got to be my yoga retreat to Paros Island in Greece. The night before I was due to fly, the Greek air services went on strike for the weekend and all the flights were cancelled for 3 days. Getting there would have been a nightmare so I cancelled the trip and booked a last minute ticket to Paris instead – it actually turned out to be a perfect weekend!”

And about your biggest travel WOW ?

“Watching the sun set from the top of the highest part of Hvar Island, Croatia. It’s such a beautiful little island, overgrown with lavender plants and figs trees so it smells incredible! The best time to travel is off season when it’s less crowded, but definitely one of the places I would revisit and always recommend to people.”

You use Live2Leave to… ?

“Explore places I’ve never been before and to get inspired for my next trip. I really enjoy engaging with other users to see where they’ve been.
I recently shared my list of recommendations for London on social media, and the reaction was incredible! Many of my friends have now downloaded the app to record their own travel tips – the power of sharing is truly impressive!”

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