"I spent my first salary on a trip to India"

27th January 2018 Traveller of the week

Name: Marguerite Tiounine (@Ma_Tiou)
Number of Countries on her profile: 21
Number of recommendations: 39
Follow her to: Cap Verde, Russia, Mongolia or India!
Particularities: Marguerite is a London-based TV journalist. She was born in Paris and raised in Moscow. Passionate about literature and philosophy, Marguerite has been posting beautiful pictures recently on Live2leave. So we thought we could ask her a little bit more about her adventures!

Tell us a few things about you

“I’m a London-based TV journalist, born in Paris and raised in Moscow!”

When did you catch the travel bug?

“I guess it runs in the family! My sister and I grew up in a cultural limbo with a French mum and a Russian dad. I spent my first salary on a trip to India when I was twenty and never stopped travelling since.”

Have you ever travelled alone?

“I travel mostly alone, but I always try to visit friends on the way. I find it nice to follow my own rhythm.”

Los Angeles or Moscow?

“LA. For one day!”

If you had a year to travel the world, where would you start?

“I would spend a year in Africa, starting from Kenya.”

What is your favourite travel literature?

“I always try to read the literature of the country I’m going to, with some favourites amongst Latin American writers such as Cortazar or Bolaño.”

What was your biggest travel fail? And about your biggest travel WOW?

“Biggest fail? Cyprus, all of it.
My biggest travel WOW flying over San Fransisco and Highway 101 in a four-seat Cessna Skyhawk.”


Photo of St Petersburg by a Live2Leave user

Smolny Convent of the Resurrection in St Petersburg, Russia


“Smolny Covent in St Petersburg: climb all the way up for a view of the city.”

Photo from a Live2Leave user in India

Munnar in Kerala, India


“Take a tuk-tuk up to the highest point of the tea plantations in Munnar. Breathtaking views.”

Did you use Live2Leave during your last travel?

“I used Live2Leave on my last trip to Italy to browse some amazing restaurant recommendations.”

How do you plan your trips? Months in advance or last minute?

“I’m very much a last minute kind of person.”

Are you planning to go on a trip soon?

“I’m continuously planning a trip! I’m going to Mexico and I can’t wait to explore it.”

Will you follow Live2Leave’s recommendations there?

“Yes there are LOADS of amazing recommendations on Live2leave for Mexico. They are so helpful to organise my trip, so … thank you!”

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