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Discovering Tokyo

6th June 2018 Destinations
Konnichiwa Turtles!
 And welcome to your very personalised tour of Tokyo.
This week Live2Leave is taking you to one of the most eccentric cities in the world: Tokyo!
The Japanese capital is clearly an IT destination and is one of the most covered cities on the app.
From where to eat, sleep and what to do, our Live2Leave users have recommended some spots you will find nowhere else.
@agrisay did a kart tour of the city by night, @allyrand had her coffee explained by a 100-year-old expert, and we even got a tip on where to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle by @emalueledego, who said he found his favourite hotel on earth…thanks to Live2Leave actually!
Enjoy and we look forward to following YOUR itineraries on the app!

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– 2 Options For The Night –

Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

1. Sleep at Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills


“Slick boutique hotel with lobby on 51st floor and amazing views.”

Washington Hotel Shinjuku Live2Leave

2. Stay at the affordable & well-located Washington Hotel Shinjuku

 “The rooms and bathrooms are tiny but it’s an inexpensive option in a good location.”

– 8 Things To Do You Can’t Miss Out On –

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden Live2Leave

1. Take a stroll in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

“You can’t run, drink, play games or eat in parks in Tokyo… but who cares when the trees are this beautiful. Wander the Japanese gardens and be awed.” 
Meiji Jingu temple Live2Leave

2. Visit Meiji Jingu temple

“Beautiful temple and gardens. Go to the imperial gardens and see the kiyomasa-ido well. A welcome break from the busy city and you might see a wedding.” 
Sakura Live2Leave

3. Become a tea expert at Sakurai 

“Sakurai tea tasting with a tea grandmaster.” 
Akihabara Live2Leave

4. Discover a surreal world in Akihabara 

 “This district of Tokyo is surreal and quite perverted on many levels but it’s a must-see! The mecca of anime/manga fanatics and the home of the ‘idols’ culture (watch Tokyo Idols to better understand it before you go).” 
National Art Center Live2Leave

5. Check the National Art Center

 “The National Art Center in Tokyo is fantastic. From the very cool architecture to the incredible exhibits. I saw a Yayoi Kusama retrospective, which was absolutely incredible! Highly recommend 🇯🇵

6. Taste the best coffee at Café de l'Ambre 

 “Sekiguchi, the guy that runs this traditional coffee house is 100 years old and still going! Pop in to try one of the many delicious coffees.”
Tokyo City View And Sky Deck Live2Leave

7. Go to Tokyo City View And Sky Deck

 “This tower offers the best view of Tokyo for a very small fee. You can stroll around on top of the helicopter pad and see every part of the city. It’s very atmospheric and very beautiful. A must see if you’re in Tokyo.” 
Tokyo Kart tour Live2Leave

8. Experience a Tokyo Kart tour

“Visit Tokyo by night in a real go-kart. Not only is the ~25km-ride beautiful and insightful, it is probably the only city in the world in which you can realise your Mario Kart fantasies. This open air ride offers a humbling perspective on the proportions of this huge city.”

– 2 Escapes From The City –

Nikko Live2Leave

1. Nikko, a gateway far from the hustle  

 “Nikko is only about two hours north of Tokyo by train, making it one of the best destinations for a casual day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Japan’s capital. Surrounded by mountains and forests, Nikko is famous for its gilded 17-century Shinto shrine, Toshogu.” 
Benesse House  Live2Leave

2. Stay on an art island at Benesse House   

 “Without doubt one of the coolest hotels I have ever stayed in. Naoshima is a surreal place – old fisherman village transformed into a hyper-modern all-island art museum. Staying into one of the Benesse House hotels (not cheap) will make the whole experience even cooler.” 


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Article by Ann-Sophie Peers