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8th March 2018 Destinations

Dear adventurous turtles,

How many times have you dreamt of stepping foot on unchartered territories? How often have you wished you were really experiencing something new, something unusual?
With Instagram driving crowds of travellers to the same hype destinations every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feel like an adventurer anywhere anymore.
Well, good news. We are not Instagram. And our extraordinary travellers are not afraid of stepping off the beaten paths. For your greatest pleasure (and ours!), they share their best-kept travel secrets and open the way to new adventures.

Inspiringly yours,

AnnSo & the Live2Leave team

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club in New Castle St Kitts & Nevis Live2Leave

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club in New Castle, St Kitts & Nevis


“Nisbet is one of the loveliest seaside hotels. If staying elsewhere, get lunch at their restaurant, Sea Breeze, have their signature cocktail and/or spend the day on the most heanvenly beach.”


Bissagos Islands - Guinea-Bissau Live2Leave

Bissagos Islands - Guinea-Bissau


“Relax on the edge of the Atlantic, on the beautiful Bijagos Islands (aka Bissagos Islands) outside of Guinea-Bissau. Choose from one of the 83 Islands!”

Jebel Barkal in Sudan Live2Leave

Jebel Barkal in Sudan


“If Egyptian or Mayan pyramids are slightly too mainstream for you…then you should hop over to Sudan (which in this area is considered safe!) to visit some of the ones there. Jebel Barkal are magnificent and are in the most beautiful natural setting.”

Virunga Mountains in Rwanda


“Truly the most humbling wildlife experience I’ve had. Go trek with the gorillas in Virunga National Park. This guy fell out of the tree above us. Stayed at Virunga eco Lodge which was perfect.”



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Hardknott Pass in the United Kingdom


“You’ve heard of route 66? Well Hardknott pass is its successor; drive on that road from Windermere to the Hardknott pass and enjoy the view, it will leave you breathless.”

Cape Verde Live2Leave

Sao Vicente in Cape Verde


“Sao Vicente is the homeland of Césaria Evora, some of the World’s best rhum and volcanic deserts that can be only explored in a 4×4.”


Trinidad & Tobago Live2Leave

Grande Riviere in Trinidad & Tobago


“Grande Riviere is the perfect spot for turtle watching in Trinidad. The leatherback turtles arrive on the beach to lay their eggs at night and leave afterwards It’s only in the mornings that the newly borns will hatch from their eggs and try to survive to predators to reach the water. “

Sierra Leone Live2Leave

Banana Islands in Sierra Leone


“Banana Island is paradise…no constructions, just wild nature. There’s just a small hotel: independent bungalows with a private bathroom but don’t expect luxury. Only a couple of hours of electricity per day. Quite expensive for the comfort you get but you will be far from the rest of the World.”


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Article by Ann-Sophie Peers