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Arcachon Bay

22nd March 2018 Destinations

Ready for a healthy dose of sunshine?

Dreaming of the long weekends ahead and wondering what to do ? We might have just the right thing for you…Our French experts tell us the Bassin d’Arcachon is a secret paradise somewhere on the Atlantic Coast and it’s the perfect destination for a short break. They reveal how they spend their time in this beautiful area, saving us from a miserable, overpriced tourist trap.  

Embark on an adventure

arcachon bay Live2Leave

Pyla-sur-Mer - Arcachon Bay


“Rent a boat for the day and drive to one of the sand islands that faces the Dune du Pyla, right in the middle of the Bassin d’Arcachon. Enjoy the sun and the view. Be careful about the tides though and ask for help if you are navigating the area for the first time!”

Indulge in local delicacies…

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La Cabane du Mimbeau - Lège-Cap-Ferret


“Amazing oyster hut in Cap Ferret! If you are staying in Arcachon, rent a bike, take a 30mins boat from the pier and cycle to this great spot! Perfect for groups and romantic apéro!”

Chez Hortense Live2Leave

Chez Hortense - Lège-Cap-Ferret


“Great food and amazing views on the Bassin!”

Chez Boulan - Lège-Cap-Ferret

Chez Boulan - Lège-Cap-Ferret


“Oysters at ‘Chez Boulan’ are really the best!” 

Admire a glorious sunset…

pula Live2Leave

Pyla-sur-Mer - Arcachon Bay


“Climb La Dune du Pyla at sunset to witness the entire Bassin d’Arcachon illuminate with shades orange, purple and pink… Simply breathtaking”

Enjoy some pre-summer delights…

Ha(a)ïtza, Pyla-sur-Mer Live2Leave

Ha(a)ïtza, Pyla-sur-Mer


“Amazing spot, hidden under the pine trees. This hotel restaurant was entirely revisited by Starck very recently, so it is a must see for any architecture fan. But not just. Their cocktails and fire-grilled meat will take you straight to heaven!”

Le Sail Fish - Lège-Cap-Ferret Live2Leave

Le Sail Fish - Lège-Cap-Ferret


“The best parties are here! You will eventually bump into your friends who are on the Bassin at the same time as you! Although it is very good, you don’t necessarily have to come for dinner but just for the great cocktails and the awesome vibe!” 

and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean…

Hôtel Restaurant La Co(o)rniche - Pyla-sur-Mer Live2Leave

Hôtel Restaurant La Co(o)rniche - Pyla-sur-Mer


“The address you can’t miss in the Pyla Dune. You will never forget this view.”

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