World Cup: Your Perfect guide to Russia

10th July 2018 Destinations
Zdravstvuyte Turtles,
No, that’s not a typo, it means Hello in Russian. But you probably already know that, if like many of us you have been immersed in the World Cup frenzy lately. We might have even recognised a few of you on TV, your faces painted in vivid colours chanting the anthems of your nations under the Russian sun. While others, despite a tolerance level slightly above its usual average (we did see you scream at that penalty after all), are dreaming of a short break away from the game and of less rivalrous considerations.
Well as usual at Live2Leave make it a mission to satisfy you all, and we thought that for this edition of our Wanderlust newsletter, we’d take you to the place where it all unfolds: Russia. As always we give you only the best of the best of our community’s recommendations, for your greatest pleasure. The game is on Turtles, Moscow and St Petersburg await!

When in Moscow


Coffee Mania at any time of the day or night

 “The city never sleeps. Go on a drive to see the lit up facades of the beautiful architecture in Central Moscow. Highly recommend #CoffeeMania for some amazing coffee and food (24×7).”

Lunch with a view at Voronezh

 “View of Christ the Saviour cathedral from Voronezh, a meat restaurant. Good option for lunch if you’re visiting the Kremlin. It has 3 floors but pick the second for the view.” 
Bar Chainaya

Celebrate at Bar Chainaya

 “Really cool, underground bar for delicious cocktails. In the world’s top 50. Chinese themed drinking den.”
Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve Live2Leave

Take a break at Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve 

 “If you stay in Moscow and want a break from the big city go to Tsaritsyno, a beautiful park and palace built by Catherine II and recently renovated.”

When in St Petersburg

Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh

Shop at Magazin Kuptsov Yeliseyevykh

 “The Harrods of St Petersburg. Come here for vodka, caviar, and divine treats.”

Lunch like a Russian at Shtolle

 “A chain that sells tastiest Russian pies with various fillings – they also have it in Moscow; I highly recommend it!”
Pavlovskiy Dvorets

Take an unforgettable stroll inside Pavlovskiy Dvorets

“Breathtaking palace – it is less popular than Tsarskoe Selo, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to visit on your own ⚜” 
Hotel Astoria 

Treat yourself at Hotel Astoria 

 “A city landmark since 1912, Hotel Astoria has hosted many eminent guests, including dancer Isadora Duncan and poet Sergei Yesenin. Situated directly across from St Isaac’s Cathedral and a short walk from leading attractions, the five-star hotel is in an excellent location to explore from.” 

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Thank you to each and one of you, dearest Turtle community, for sharing all these incredible recommendations on the Live2Leave app.
The unknown is truly getting more and more friendly now 🙂
​Wishing you and your favourite team all the best for this World Cup!
Inspiringly yours,
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