Two days of turtling at Travel Technology Europe

23rd February 2018

Two days, 6,000 visitors and all of the world’s biggest travel brands under one roof.

It’s been a busy couple of days at Live2Leave!

We were exhibiting at the Travel Technology Europe summit in London. Two days, 6,000 visitors and all of the world’s biggest travel brands under one roof. We had won a free stand in their LaunchPad area, a big opportunity to get visibility and speak to potential future partners.




We arrived loaded like mules at 8.30am on Wednesday. Léa & Ann-Sophie had designed and ordered beautiful banners and flyers, and if that wasn’t enough to attract the visitors’ attention, we brought some food to make sure they’d stop.

Within 20 minutes, we had built what we humbly think was the best stand of the show.


Throughout the two days, we preached Live2Leave’s vision to hundreds of visitors who stopped by our stand. It’s always so encouraging to see the reaction people have when they hear about what we do: “that’s such an amazing idea!”. We also spoke to the industry’s giants like and Skyscanner, as well as amazing smaller companies like the Outdoor Journal. We can’t wait to explore all the ways we can work together.

And because no week would be complete without a bit of pitching, we were one of the five startups selected to take part in the Travel Technology Europe’s Disrupt Award. And all the team was there for support!


We left the summit feeling more than ever that Live2Leave is truly on the way of achieving something special, crucially missing in the travel industry today: trust. The authentic, high-quality and user-generated content that we have on the app is already setting us apart and making us pretty unique. If we bring trust back in travel, we will inspire more people to discover new destinations and experiences, which will open their minds and make this world a better place!


Article by Live2Leave