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Exploring Tel Aviv!

29th August 2018 Destinations

Dearest Turtles,

If your skin hasn’t reached that perfect tan yet and your hair isn’t quite as sun-kissed as you would like it to be, rejoice as you still have some time left to get there!    
For your next stop on this endless summer journey, your devoted turtle team gives you the perfect combination of relaxed beach vibes, exciting city life and deep cultural heritage.  Off to Tel Aviv we go, to discover Israel’s second largest city, and not the least intriguing if you ask Live2Leave’s local experts! 
So pack up your sunglasses, your party spirit and a curious mind, and let’s explore!

Don’t Miss Out

On a healthy dose of art at the Museum of Art

 “Incredible building with great modernist collection, a must-see if you’re into this kinda thing.”
Carmel Market Live2Leave

On serious goodies at Carmel Market

 “The Carmel market has everything you are looking for! Very lively and opened every day of the week except on Saturday (Shabbat).”

On a cultural immersion at Ilana Goor Museum

 “Great Art Gallery with an ever-changing collection.”
Jaffa Flea Market 

On treasure hunting at Jaffa Flea Market 

 “A must visit in Tel Aviv is the flea market in Jaffa. Absolutely beautiful homeware can be found and you can stop for a deliciously refreshing salad and iced coffee at Cafe Puaa (see below)

Hang out

Shlomo Lahat Promenade

With the active ones at Shlomo Lahat Promenade

 “The place to go for a stroll, a run or a swim. Most hotels are located here by the seafront.”
Tel Aviv Port

With the cool ones at the Tel Aviv Port

 “This is one of the hottest places in town. During the day, the cafes and stores are the trendiest, whilst at night, Namal Tel Aviv transforms into one of the most popular nightlife venues.”


Tel-Aviv Live2Leave

In the sun at Cafe Puaa

 “Cosy Lunch place with a terrace.”
Madhya Live2Leave

In local delicacies at Mashya

 “For some truly great cuisine, one of the best restaurants of Tel Aviv.”

With Live music at Rothschild 12

 “Trendy restaurant, fun for drinks, bar snacks and live music.”
Ha Salon Live2Leave

With a little extra at Ha Salon

 “Ha Salon – Eyal Shani restaurant, amazing food and atmosphere. Book late dinner for dancing on the tables. Open Wed and Thurs only so need to book. Really recommend.”
Dining Tel Aviv Live2Leave

Over the roofs at Dinings

 “The best place to get sushi from in Tel Aviv.”
Port Sa'id

With the trendy crowds at Port Sa'id

 “What’s the coolest restaurant in Tel Aviv? Port Said! By the same chef as some of the other best known restaurants in town. Very cool vibe, but be prepared to wait for a table.”

Haven’t had enough yet?


Drink up at Ramesses

 “Coolest bar I’ve been to in Jaffa Old Town, South Tel Aviv.”
Secret Garden

Turn the volume up in Secret Garden

 “For a fun night visit Secret Garden. Music pretty 👌🏼 (electronic) and packed full of babes.”
Norman Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel 

At the Norman Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel 

@Céline_ and @Piadiribarne
 “Amazing boutique hotel with swimming pool on the rooftop and beautiful terrace.  Even if you are not staying there go for lunch, dinner or a drink.”
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