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From Serbia to Macedonia

3rd September 2018 Destinations
Dearest Turtles,

August is coming to an end and by definition, so is summer. Well, at least for the vast majority of us! Surely some of you managed to squeeze a few weekends here and there in September and rest assured we will get you covered on that too. But now is time for the last edition of our summer series: Off to Eastern Europe we go, for an exciting road trip through Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and even Macedonia for the unstoppable ones out there.
So roll down the windows and let the wind blow back your hair turtles, for this is your homestretch!​

The Trip Begins In Serbia

Square None Hotel Belgrade Live2Leave

Stay at Square None Hotel Belgrade

 “Definitely the place to stay in Belgrade. I was there for four nights and was pampered through and through. Loved the service, the attention to detail and the food.”
Nikola Tesla Museum Live2Leave

Check out Nikola Tesla Museum

 “Definitely the coolest museum I’ve ever been to. Tesla was an incredible character and this small museum shows his machines. Make sure to take a guided tour as they will make the machines work right before your very eyes.”
Restrain Tri Live2Leave

Have a break at Restoran Tri

 “The coziest restaurant in Belgrade, hidden in a tiny garden in the heart of the city.
Best place for late afternoon tea!” 
Cafeterija "19 Grams" Live2Leave

Don't miss out on Cafeterija "19 Grams"

 “A hidden hipster hideout in Belgrade – Kafeterija is a 4-story cafe with bougie coffee, minimalist style and a speakeasy men’s barber shop in the basement. Great stop when you’re looking for a younger vibe during the afternoon.”

Then Drive Through Montenegro


Discover the bay of Kotor

“Great views, beautiful bay, amazing town.”
Montenegro Live2Leave

Lunch at Sveti Stefan 

 “A restaurant with wonderful food inside this exclusive resort is a must!!”
Perast Live2Leave

Visit Perast

“Do not miss out on this tiny beautiful village on the bay of Kotor, as it might just be the highlight of Montenegro!”
Evergreen jazz bar Live2Leave

Tune in at Evergreen jazz bar

 “Stop by the Evergreen jazz bar in the center of Kotor’s old town, where Charlie Chaplin’s movies are projected on the wall.”

Relax In Albania

Berat Live2Leave

Walk around Berat

 “Berat is the most beautiful town in Albania and the perfect destination for a really adventurous, dirt cheap trip right on your doorstep.”
lake Skadar

Swim in lake Skadar

 “In Shkodra I highly recommend you rent a bike (€3 for a day) and cycle to lake Skadar. Here you can find an empty beach for swimming and a fabulous tavern serving quite possibly the best food in Albania. I had trout from the lake cooked in a traditional cast iron skillet and a salad.”
Shega e Eger 

Great food at Shega e Eger 

 Please visit this place for a juice in the morning or a yummy vegetarian meal later in the day – it’s all homemade and delicious. Great coffee too, free wifi, cakes etc!
Butrint National Park Live2Leave

Visit Butrint National Park

“I loved Butrint – it is absolutely amazing. It’s a national park with a rich archeological site near Saranda. It is well worth the trip – it takes about 2 hours to see everything. It’s not too hot because there is plenty of shade. Do it!”

Ease off at Folie Marine


“I loved spending a lazy day at the Folie Marine private beach. You can stay here or simply rent a beach bed for a day for €9. They have a nice restaurant and a bar; lovely music all day. It is so much less hectic than anywhere else in Albania.”

Finish With A Pit Stop In Macedonia

Hike around Lake Ohrid 

“Despite the name, Lake Ohrid is one of the most beautiful spots in the Balkans. Phenomenal hikes around the lake with beautiful orthodox churches and monasteries, it’s particularly stunning around Easter time.”
Lake Ohrid 
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