Eclectic Beirut Summer

30th October 2018 Destinations

Dearest Turtles,

This week Live2Leave is going to one of the most vibrant cities on earth: Beirut!

The exquisite weather (warm days, cooler nights), the turquoise Mediterranean sea, the delicious restaurants with cuisines from all around the world, the fascinating museums and history, the incredibly fun clubs and the luxury shops make Beirut one of the most eclectic destinations for your summer holidays. And thanks to our very own Beirut local expert @Dal, and super-users @Lydia and @LeilaLm, we now know exactly what not to miss out!
Sending lots of summer-love to all Turtles out there – especially those at the office!

A City Of Taste

Villa Clara Live2Leave

Stay at Villa Clara

 “Beautiful villa with only a few rooms. It has gorgeous interiors and a great vibe!”
Hotel Albergo Live2Leave

Hotel Albergo

 “Lavish suites, rooftop dining & a pool in a grand all-suite hotel in a 1930s mansion.”

A City Of Arts

Beit Beirut Live2Leave

Beit Beirut

 “Museum and urban cultural center celebrating the history of Beirut and namely the civil war.”
Min Museum Live2Leave

Mim Museum


“A Must do! Especially if you are lucky enough to have a guided tour by Salim Eddé, the passionate founder of this museum. Incredible to think all this stones were extracted just like they look now from mines, no human touch!”

A City Of Music

Metro Al Madina Live2Leave

Metro Al Madina

 “Definitely check out the shows at the Metro el Marina theatre. Try to see Hichik Bochum is it’s showing, or Bar Farouk, or Cirque Siyassi.”
Music Hall Beirut Live2Leave

Music Hall Beirut

 “Amazing performance space that is an open air theatre club.”

A City With A Multicultural Cuisine

Casablanca Live2Leave



“Casablanca is one of my favourite spots here! Amazing food inside a tradional Lebanese mansion overlooking the sea!

Al Falamanki Live2Leave

Al Falamanki

 “Lebanon as I pictured it: chilled and laid back, olive trees everywhere, beautifully vintage. This place also serves great local food and can accommodate large groups.
It’s open 24/7
May rig Restaurant Live2Leave

Mayrig Restaurant

 Armenian restaurant, absolutely DELICIOUS. Made me crave for a food trip to Armenia honestly.”
Baron Beirut Live2Leave

Baron Beirut

 “Great place for fusion cuisines. All the food is utterly delicious!”

A City That Never Sleeps

Sky Bar Live2Leave

Sky Bar

 “Ranked best bar in Beirut, it has fantastic vibes.”
White Beirut Live2Leave

White Beirut

 “Crazy, open-air club!”


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Article by Ann-Sophie Peers