Away on the Aegean Sea

21st August 2018 Destinations
Dearest Turtles,
If like us you started the week completely puzzled, wondering where the month of July had disappeared and whether August would go just as fast, this might give you a bit of comfort. For this week we take you to the ultimate summer paradise if there ever was: The Greek Cyclades.
While Mykonos is the most talked-about Greek island, we at Live2Leave prefer to follow Super-User @annsobib on a romantic trip to Paros and Antiparos, escape the crowds with @Arianna F. in the discrete and no-less amazing Koufonisia, or get the best of both worlds with @Laura_ in Patmos.
Enjoy dear Turtles, for Summer is not over until we say it is!

Fall In Love In/With Paros

Lunch by the sea at Thalami

 “Delicious fish shack right on the sea! Probably the best fish I have ever eaten!”

Dinner under the stars at Mare Nostrum

 “My favourite restaurant in Naoussa! The church, the view, the food, the feel, the staff… take me back!”

Unwind in Antiparos

The Harbour

“Stay in Antiparos if the Paros crowds are too much for you. Prices are divided by 2, there are a lot of cosy hotels on the harbour and you can easily take the ferry to Paros if you happen to miss the nightlife!”

The Beach House Antiparos

 “Right at the south of Antiparos, I totally recommend coming on the island only to spend the day there. Book a yoga class as well and spend a day in heaven.”

Like Robinson Crusoe in Koufonisia

Secret beaches

@Arianna F.
 “My favourite Cyclades Island… no cars (only a taxi , a bus, an ambulance and some small boats, that bring you to stunning beaches), no resorts tourism… just white sand, clear blue water, charming accommodations and Tavernas. The real meaning of “hippie-chic vacation.”

Healthy Taverna

@Arianna F.
 “On the little-known but amazing Koufonisia, you can find this stylish Greek taverna. Take a break to enjoy a healthy light lunch on the beach during the day… and go there at night for a romantic dinner under the stars, catch a blues gig or join their fabulous full moon.”

Greek it up in Patmos

Stay in Chora

“This town is on top of the hill that surrounds an amazing monastery which is full of Byzantine treasures and an El Greco. There are very few hotels but you can rent charming, somewhat rustic houses across the town.”

Dance at Diakofti

“Have dinner amongst the sailboats that are being restored in the traditional Greek boatyard at Diakofti and finish the evening with a round of Greek dancing .”

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