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Live2Leave is a travel app where you can record your favourite spots & get recommendations from people you know.

Why the Turtle

Because these clever animals represent the ultimate traveler.

With their homes on their backs, they embody our motto “live to leave” everywhere they go. The world isn’t a scary place for turtles because they’re always home.

Don’t you wish you were a turtle too? Live2Leave might be able to help you do just that by making the unknown a little more friendly.


Céleste Owen-Jones

Founder & CEO

Journalist-turned-entrepreneur with a storytelling passion & a travel addiction. French heart & British brain. Live2Leave is my motto, and my travel app.

Léa Bourratiere

Partner and CMO

Building brands, generating impactful content and breakthrough communications, that is what I am known for, and passionate about!

Guillaume Ringwald

Lead Developer

I'm deeply fond of new technologies & software development but also a super curious person who loves travelling, motorcycling, extreme sports and so much more...

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