About us

Live2Leave is a travel app that allows users to record their favourite hotels, restaurants and activities and see recommendations from a trusted community of friends and local experts.

Launched in May 2017, the app is home to a highly-engaged and community of travellers aged between 20 and 35. They have already shared on the app nearly 10,000 recommendations covering more than 2,300 cities in all of the world’s countries.

Our Mission

We believe that travel is far more than a holiday, it’s a way of life. We believe that each experience outside of your comfort zone has the power to transform you, open your mind and broaden your perspectives, something that we consider more important than ever in our increasingly globalized world.

We also believe that stepping into the unknown takes courage and that while curiosity powers discovery, one might need a little help to go down new paths and sleep under unfamiliar stars. And that little help is called a trusted recommendation.

This is why we created Live2Leave: to inspire people to live life-changing experiences all around the world, in total trust.

Meet the Live2Leave team

Céleste Owen-JonesCo-Founder & CEO

Journalist-turned-entrepreneur with a storytelling passion & a travel addiction. French heart & British brain. Live2Leave is my motto, and my travel app.

@Céleste on Live2Leave
Léa BourratièreCo-Founder & CMO

Building brands, generating impactful content and breakthrough communications, that is what I am known for, and passionate about!

@Lea on Live2Leave
Elias GuninLead Developer

Half Russian Half British. Founders & Coders Grad. Love all things tech & travel.

Ann-Sophie PeersHead of Content

Franco-British raised in Fiji, the Congo, Ivory Coast, Belgium, France and England. Musician at heart and trained for business!

@AnnSobib on Live2Leave

Why the turtle?

Because these clever animals represent the ultimate traveler.

With their homes on their backs, they embody our motto “live to leave” everywhere they go. The world isn’t a scary place for turtles because they’re always home.

Don’t you wish you were a turtle too? Live2Leave might be able to help you do just that by making the unknown a little more friendly.


The new app is OUT!

Go and discover our new app with its beautiful design & the feature you all asked for...

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Céleste is a finalist for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

Céleste was shortlisted by the British Travel and Hospitality Hall of Fame to receive the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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Live2Leave partners with Expedia & Hotels.com

Live2Leave partners with Expedia & Hotels.com for a 6-month innovation programme.

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The Women of Live2Leave

For International Women's Day, we decided to run a small profile on some of the amazing women in our Live2Leave community.

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Live2Leave finalist of Travel Technology Europe's Disrupt Award!

Live2Leave made it through to the final of Travel Technology Europe's Disrupt Award!

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