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David Saenz

COO of Stuart

"As someone who travels regularly, both personally and professionally, Live2Leave provides exactly what I'm looking for - high quality, curated content from sources I trust - on a global basis."

Lydia Forte

Bar and Restaurant Development Manager at Rocco Forte Hotels

"As I'm in the hospitality industry, I'm constantly keeping lists of friends' recommendations and restaurants or hotels I've been to that I love. Now it's all in one place and I can send all my favourites to friends in one click. Plus it's a great source of new recommendations from the people that I trust!"

Donna North

Co-founder at Dressipi

"When I travel I want to make the most of every moment - from where I stay, to what I do, to where I eat and drink. Before Live2Leave this took weeks of research or asking friends - but now, whereever I am, those recommendations are just one click away making every travel moment magical"

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